The Spectacle Of Spectacles

It could be argued that the most vulnerable conscious time for us is when we relieve our excrement. We, and I mean we as individuals, instinctively know this. Even the other intelligent animals are conscious of this; all one must do is look upon the gaze returned to you by the dog who relieves itself in your yard. It is no secret that the facade of man is seldom relinquished, but this facade birthed from submission under a particular power is awe-inspiring.

The restroom has become the ultimate spectacle of spectacles, one so powerful that even the highest of men succumb to it and keep their truth to themselves. Its power is so pervasive and dominant that even the closest of people can reject one another by the conditioning that has restrained their psyche. In my experience, romantic love is the only thing that can defeat the power of the restroom as an "institution" (but romantic love typically marches alongside an army ready to war against truth in a different manner).

Stall walls so high that only the most ignorant of fools would miss the shoes asking, nay, demanding to be matched to the figure above. With a most severe disregard for beauty those who construct these walls of privacy leave enormous gaps between the corners so that anyone may peer in upon you. The sensor watches and waits until you stand up to clean yourself before releasing the most powerful of flushes which announces to everyone within earshot that you near the completion of your business, or in different words: "others, it is time to resume acting". Not only will all in the restroom know regardless, I've found that even some venues lack a door to conceal this announcement to the world! Only a winding pathway and a functioning lock (if you are lucky) is all that separates your most vulnerable moment from the rest of society.

It is obvious after even the shortest of ponderings that from Helen of Troy, Bezos, and every Pope to every individual in the underclass does indeed defecate. Why then after this realization do so many reject truth and participate in this spectacle of spectacles? Why do we feign ignorance and pretend that this privacy exists?

I imagine a world that actively rejects this false privacy, this will to ignorance. Though I have chosen to present this analogy in the most primitive and primal way countless other examples for this phenomenon remain in the world. 

Imagine what could be achieved if all could gaze upon all in their most vulnerable moment.

-The Involuntary Hermit


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