Like Achilles I am weak
My heart is my heel
Paralyzed by Beauty
On my foundations, I reel

In the darkest of darks
I slay monsters with ease
But when caught in Beauty's radiance
Unable to act; I freeze

From afar I gaze
On Beauty, sublime 
Whilst beside me to speak,
A mountainous climb

Alone in my frustration
Ashamed of my inaction
Assaulted by imagination
Awry logic, emotion, attraction

Forever the curse of man
Resisting Beauty is a futile goal
Overcome agony, pain, and regret
For a primal desire conquers my soul

While away I possess the most boisterous spirit
Fleeting is this nature in the moment of importance.

Logic says I know not but sight and smell
While emotion supplants an impossible insight.

When I war with ideas I have seldom a challenge.
When I war with desire I am seldom a challenge.

Amor fati, for Beauty I cast aside
Amor vincit omnia, my creed til desire is realized

-The Involuntary Hermit


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