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You Egregious Ones

You Egregious Ones

You egregious ones are nothing but caged animals I gaze down upon
All minds cut out, laid bare with a palpable malady

With such seriousness, you moralize against the individual
Never considering what bird has a need for vindication

What recourse is there for the worm who is preyed upon?
You've sown your fields with hypocrisy but wish not to reap comeuppance

The constructs you worship feign flight with their hollow, brittle bones
Unable to soar, they are weighed down by the burden of calamitous virtue

Your twisted mirrors display the image of a great warrior
While those above the abyss see false paragon beget false paragon

The herd calls you, come together and collectivize
Erect walls of iron so that you may be safe from the savages outside
Mobius I call you for you maintain only one side and one boundary

After all I’ve said one question remains:
Who bedevils whom?

-The Involuntary Hermit

A Want For Need To A Need For Want

An incorrect understanding of necessity has bred many moralizations from the herd. These people believe they are justified in their actions when the moral addresses a "need".

The herd has turned away from their gods, and with this must also turn away from divine purpose. There can no longer be NEED, that is imperative actions. Without the discrimination of a divine gaze, all actions have become equal.
This sickness of thought grows not through an ever-increasing compassion or "humanity" as the herd believes, this is only a comforting justification to keep them moving forward with their "progress". The true expansion of this sickness is an ever-expanding definition of necessity. The herd takes action to fulfill their needs, and as each "need" is fulfilled each former want is traded for "need", for who can blame one if the action is NECESSARY?!
Surely the foundation for this phenomenon lies below a prejudice for life, for if this was the…


Like Achilles I am weak
My heart is my heel Paralyzed by Beauty On my foundations, I reel
In the darkest of darks I slay monsters with ease But when caught in Beauty's radiance Unable to act; I freeze
From afar I gaze On Beauty, sublime  Whilst beside me to speak, A mountainous climb
Alone in my frustration Ashamed of my inaction Assaulted by imagination Awry logic, emotion, attraction
Forever the curse of man Resisting Beauty is a futile goal
Overcome agony, pain, and regret
For a primal desire conquers my soul

While away I possess the most boisterous spirit Fleeting is this nature in the moment of importance.
Logic says I know not but sight and smell While emotion supplants an impossible insight.
When I war with ideas I have seldom a challenge. When I war with desire I am seldom a challenge.
Amor fati, for Beauty I cast aside Amor vincit omnia, my creed til desire is realized
-The Involuntary Hermit