Once I Was Vanquish

Once I Was Vanquish

Once I was vanquish: destructive, thorough, and fair
My teeth were sharp and my hide was thick
No creature could withstand such a force unbent.

A dazzle of zebra roaming the plains, inside so rigid and square
I feast upon you epigones and apes, keep up with the herd, quick!
Terrified to think anew, too coward to dissent.

Sheath my sword, entomb my armor, sprout wings and fly away
I soar alone among the clouds, with eyes of an eagle I gaze
While those people I left below say "look, how small he is from afar!"

I now reside so far away that none can feel my warmth
Those who dare to venture close lack the skin to leave unscathed
I have become a magnificent, distant star.

Raze your statues to the ground, put ink beneath your skin
Brandish your stripes and administer virtue, defend your ersatz society
Come together and democratize, determine the mortal sins
The pathway to utopia awaits, just renounce your true variety

Man is no concern to us Titans for they will vanquish themselves
That is why I now have chosen to chiefly focus on myself

-The Involuntary Hermit


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