Let Me Be Like Time

Let Me Be Like Time

Let me be like time, unwavering,
for I too often crumble at the gentlest breath.

Let me dilute hatred and bring forth joy anew,
for I too often spark rancor and erode smiling faces of stone.

Let me meditate upon a circle so perfectly balanced,
for I too often draw lines in the sand.

Let me bellow erratic cacophony whilst my ears are kissed by sweet songs from my father,
for I too often repeat myself, boring the present hour.

Let me flow relentlessly among boundless waters,
for I too often grasp at fleeting ideals.

Let me ruminate on the order of all things with a meticulous recollection,
for I too often lose sight of history and waste away my birthright.

Let me freely draft my destiny,
for I too often am hindered by the plans of others.

Let me be a serene dissonance,
for I too often tremble upon my foundations.

Let me be like time.

- The Involuntary Hermit


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