Lament For Humanity

I know no drug more addictive or plague more virulent than morality, but who can slay such a monstrosity? I can think of many tales with great heroes or warriors who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat magnificent beasts of the flesh. I ask you now though: where are the stories of great heroes who defeated the dark and innumerable ideas rooted in the minds of men? To merely conquer the minds of others is not to slay the idea, but to enslave the mind in a new idea.

Out of nearly every great revolution of thought so too has the perpetuation of morality remained. The old god(s) are thrust out and replaced by something new. When will a hero rise up and free the minds of all of mankind?

To be free among slaves is the greatest slavery I have ever known! How can a bird survive an endless ocean with no land for rest? In other words, how can one live amorally among the moral?

I once was moral and moralized. I then thought to war with the virtue of those who moralize would be sufficient. Finally, I thought to venture far away from those who moralize, but my mind is tied to my body and my body to this Earth.

Who can pluck every weed from the Earth? Who can slay the hydra with only his sword? I have no answers, so, for now, I will have a lament for humanity.

-The Involuntary Hermit


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