Freedom & Reflection

What is freedom?  How far must freedom go? How far can freedom go?

What is freedom?
What is freedom? Is there any such thing as freedom? Is sensing freedom? Is being freedom? Is thinking freedom? Is existing freedom? Is willing myself freedom? Is creating value freedom? Is being noble freedom? Is being supramoral freedom? Is discharging my will on others freedom?

What is freedom? Is freedom a fact or opinion? Is freedom a concept? Is freedom an idea? I say it here, freedom is a belief!

How far must freedom go?
Are we free? What a poor question... Why must we be free?! Much better. These preachers of "law" try to convince others that we are nothing but cinemagoers, observing the results of a chaotic world. Fools, even more so than the followers of Silenus! If the big bang and its "laws" of physics (or the state and its "laws") regulate all things then consciousness is the cruelest gift of all (and if it is cruel is it still a gift?). To have no control is to have no hope; so, let me ask you preachers of the law: "why are you still here?" For the sake of existence, we must have freedom.  Regardless of "reason" or "observation", we humans must claim free will. Is this my "thing-in-itself"?

How far can freedom go?
How far can we extend this free will we've claimed for ourselves? It seems to me that that which undermines free will cannot itself be derived from free will, or is the fate of the free that of the ouroboros?

The true individual has no need for another. A true hermit.

The above was drafted months ago, but never published until now. Having this still been fetal within me I reflect on and abort this decrepit leech of an ideology I concocted.

A lingering sense of doubt resided within me that I could not shake. This kept me from publishing my writing on freedom. I was uncertain whether the writing was truth or rather as a result of my own prejudice passed off as truth. I say now that it is prejudice. The prejudice of my political philosophy.

I have been greatly influenced by Nietzsche's writings on morality. While studying his work a flaw appeared to me that I could not reconcile: How can one freely live without morality whilst the herd constantly imposes their morality upon you? Would the promotion of an amoral life not negate itself?

Much as the Romans willed OVER the Jews and later the Jews OVER the Romans I too will OVER and are willed OVER. I now see that this flaw I saw is not a flaw at all, for while life is will to power all interactions between peoples are an ever-waging battle of will and power.

I could not resolve my lingering sense of doubt because to resolve the aforementioned question would be to resolve a paradox... Today I slay my former self and shed skin anew. A true hermit has no need for another. An involuntary hermit has no choice but to be alone, free from others.

-The Involuntary Hermit


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