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Freedom & Reflection

What is freedom?  How far must freedom go? How far can freedom go?

What is freedom?
What is freedom? Is there any such thing as freedom? Is sensing freedom? Is being freedom? Is thinking freedom? Is existing freedom? Is willing myself freedom? Is creating value freedom? Is being noble freedom? Is being supramoral freedom? Is discharging my will on others freedom?

What is freedom? Is freedom a fact or opinion? Is freedom a concept? Is freedom an idea? I say it here, freedom is a belief!

How far must freedom go?
Are we free? What a poor question... Why must we be free?! Much better. These preachers of "law" try to convince others that we are nothing but cinemagoers, observing the results of a chaotic world. Fools, even more so than the followers of Silenus! If the big bang and its "laws" of physics (or the state and its "laws") regulate all things then consciousness is the cruelest gift of all (and if it is cruel is it still a gift?). To have no control is to…