A Thought On Suicide & Bullying

"This world in itself is not reasonable, that is all that can be said. But what is absurd is the confrontation of this irrational and the wild longing for clarity whose call echoes in the human heart." -Albert Camus

Oh how I long for clarity. The clarity of articulation of my virtue. This unreasonable world stares at me with a blank gaze as I scramble, searching so that I may be understood.

With pomp the herd cries out and moralizes. "We must stop bullying!" 

I do not point out the foolishness of the life-negating for they hate truth, but at least they are consistent... I laugh to myself as the hedonists, confined to their emotion, condemn the spread of suffering while chasing their pleasures, but in the face of the absurd are these not the same thing? I toy with, but resist the familiar allure of utilitarianism which sucks me towards it with subjective assessments, always weighing what is "right" and "wrong". I say to those who moralize and so "bravely" fight the spread of suffering: Quid Juris?

With pomp the herd cries out and moralizes. "We must stop suicide!"

The life-negating of course want those who would end their lives to remain alive, suffering in existence with them. The life-negating hate those who kill themselves for they are better than them. The life-negating lack the courage to do that which their gods forbid. In the end the "godless" who hate suicide believe no different than the life-negating, they just take longer to "reason" there. I say to those who moralize and so unapologetically claim a knowledge of death (which they cannot possibly have): Quid Juris?

 Amor fati

To see pleasure as beautiful is to see suffering as beautiful, even the suffering of the bullied.
To see life as beautiful is to see death as beautiful, even death by suicide.

-The Involuntary Hermit


  1. As Pilate asked, "Truth, what is Truth?" did he wait for an answer? He found no fault in Him and yet he had Him scourged.....The Sovereignty of God demands our respect for life and He beckons us to search and find Truth


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