Swim Slowly

Swim Slowly

It’s surface is vast and it’s depths are deep.
The ocean of knowledge you try to reap.

All 'round the world gluttony reigns,
People pursue knowledge with nothing to gain.

The large must move slow and the paltry are quick.
You wish for it all and for that, you’ll be sick!

"Humongous, colossal, gargantuan I want to be!"
For this change to come about you must question like me--

If growing in size is truly your desire
Connect the surface, you must fly higher!

Learn to be patient as you grow.
Put simply, questions never come to a close.

What's beneath the water?
You have no control
'Oer the things that you'll find
Deep down below!

So vast and deep, it dwarfs the soul
Who dares to try and swallow it whole?

One warning I give, you mustn't forget
Swimming is risky, it might leave you wet!

-The Involuntary Hermit


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