In the mountains the shortest way is from peak to peak, but for that route one must have long legs. -Thus Spoke Zarathustra
  • "He is arrogant!" --- Why? --- "I am insecure" --- Did anyone ever answer so?
  • The arrogant prescribe arrogance.
  • "Be humble my child" says the parent. The wise child responds "ahh, you wish for me to do as you say, not as you do."
  • Oh how we love facts, that is until they betray us!
  • He who prescribes virtue is often the one most offended by those who prescribe virtue---
  • I can only be friends with those who can bear a similar qualitative and quantitative weight of truth as myself.
  • "You are arguing semantics" --- What are bricks without mortar?
  • We speak about love as if it is something preferable. Only out of cruelty do we desire to love.
  • The love of yesterday was once the love of today. What decrepit love to be will tomorrow bring?
  • Time has taken everything from me and given everything to me.
  • Love and suffering, two sides of the same coin.
  • Our greatest illusion is the autonomy of others. In our attempt to endure existence we convince ourselves that we can connect to another being just like us. This is a goal as futile as justifying your own existence.
  • Controlling another being is a comforting consolation for the realization that you have no control over your own life. What consolation is given to those who realize you cannot even control others?
  • All becomes laughter once the veil is lifted.
  • Perhaps those who have murdered are not monsters but the most human of us all.
  • Only once one has mastered himself can he begin to truly master others.
  • All insecurities of power stem from a lack of power over the self.
  • To properly philosophize one must be nourished by meat!
  • The unconscious valiantly stands as the last fortress of mysticism. Perhaps the unconscious is the only fortress of mysticism there ever was.
  • The most unessential things of life are the most essential things for life.
  • To have never pondered suicide is to have never had even dipped one’s foot into the sea of existence. My wish is to dive as deep as I may without drowning.
  • A man who understands the house cat is a man who surely may begin to understand women.
  • Today I am bombarded with analysis of “social convention” as if it is not of nature. Those who vomit such are people who have either forgotten that man is of nature or have a great hatred for their own predicament.
  • More often than not when I hear someone speak of their "philosophy" all I hear is an account of their own prejudice.
  • To seek others is to lose yourself, but to find yourself will often make you sought by the masses.
  • All frustration in my life seems to be derived from the final vestiges of morality within me.
  • Life is meaningful only in that it is finite, and thus forces each person to discriminate and prescribe a hierarchy of importance to each potential action. 
  • I do not aim to live the richest, coolest, most adventurous, easiest, hardest, nor the happiest life. I have forgone all the aforementioned so that I may live my life, I live the most unique life!
  • I often think I understand women until one does something so profoundly incomprehensible.
  • Art is made when predilection meets a meticulous deliberateness.
  • Speech, which was once a common art form of the cultivated man, has been reduced to pragmatism in today's age.
  • I can find no single word in the English language that can be used to describe something that is both of higher quality AND more bountiful. Perhaps this linguistic limitation tells us something of reality?
  • There is to know how the world works and there is to accept the world for what it is; few achieve the former and even fewer achieve the latter.
  • If anything qualifies me for greatness it is my proclivity toward truth, the quality, and quantity of such.

-The Involuntary Hermit


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