Leaving the Courtyard on a Summer's Evening

Leaving the Courtyard on a Summer's Evening

Six hours to go, this dying day,
And forty days past this year's May;
Behold the scenic courtyard space,
Beneath the sun's occluded ray.

Arranging my leave of this place
Accompanied by books encased.
Then thank the tree, thine praise I owe,
whose ample shade I had embraced.

Inhale a gentle nature's blow,
Then give a sigh before I go,
For all these people pass right near
This fleeting view that I now know.

Alone I stand and shed a tear
For one more thing is deeply clear;
they will not miss me leaving here,
they will not miss me leaving here.

-The Involuntary Hermit

On Revenge and Shadows

It was discovered long ago that the morality of the West was bred from the combination of creation and ressentiment. This origin story teaches one how to prevent such a destructive force from becoming, but not much has been reliably written on how to stop a creature once birthed. 

It seems that the initial decline of the Western moral structure coincided with the birth of an even greater monstrosity, science. I say monstrosity because science has failed to deliver. Science has not killed religion but cornered it, coupled with it, and warped it. One should be wary of corned, dying ideologies for they may lash out greater than ever before...

Though with all this said these virtues that have died or even those that breath their last breaths are not my present concern. I fear the future because of that virtue which the new gods have recycled from the old. A man once said: "If a temple is to be erected, a temple must be destroyed." Yet those who built this new temple did not think …



Come, walk beside me, like a child
Trust me this instant, I'm not your foe
Grasp my hand tightly for the way is wild
Dark is the Road to Damascus we go

Gaze down this path, no more to be fled
Now is the chance to seize more than aversion
I feel your discomfort, possessed by dread
All the while nescient of such a trying excursion

The weak-will resists the path of reflection
Content to lead an existence with no mirror
You wish to stay the same, never knowing rejection
To my smithy, I take you to make ore become clearer

Hot is my forge and as bright as the sun
The strain from within it can only soften
Locked by my tongs with escape for none
Amuse me, resist, I see it so often

Your everlasting state has come into my view
Thus to heat, bend, and break you is my goal
There is only one way for change to ensue
Shatter upon an anvil, hard as my soul

No chance to gird for swiftly does my hammer move
Your cry upon my anvil rings out, echoing through the heavens
Behold a changed man, w…

The Spectacle Of Spectacles

It could be argued that the most vulnerable conscious time for us is when we relieve our excrement. We, and I mean we as individuals, instinctively know this. Even the other intelligent animals are conscious of this; all one must do is look upon the gaze returned to you by the dog who relieves itself in your yard. It is no secret that the facade of man is seldom relinquished, but this facade birthed from submission under a particular power is awe-inspiring.

The restroom has become the ultimate spectacle of spectacles, one so powerful that even the highest of men succumb to it and keep their truth to themselves. Its power is so pervasive and dominant that even the closest of people can reject one another by the conditioning that has restrained their psyche. In my experience, romantic love is the only thing that can defeat the power of the restroom as an "institution" (but romantic love typically marches alongside an army ready to war against truth in a different manner).

You Egregious Ones

You Egregious Ones

You egregious ones are nothing but caged animals I gaze down upon
All minds cut out, laid bare with a palpable malady

With such seriousness, you moralize against the individual
Never considering what bird has a need for vindication

What recourse is there for the worm who is preyed upon?
You've sown your fields with hypocrisy but wish not to reap comeuppance

The constructs you worship feign flight with their hollow, brittle bones
Unable to soar, they are weighed down by the burden of calamitous virtue

Your twisted mirrors display the image of a great warrior
While those above the abyss see false paragon beget false paragon

The herd calls you, come together and collectivize
Erect walls of iron so that you may be safe from the savages outside
Mobius I call you for you maintain only one side and one boundary

After all I’ve said one question remains:
Who bedevils whom?

-The Involuntary Hermit

A Want For Need To A Need For Want

An incorrect understanding of necessity has bred many moralizations from the herd. These people believe they are justified in their actions when the moral addresses a "need".

The herd has turned away from their gods, and with this must also turn away from divine purpose. There can no longer be NEED, that is imperative actions. Without the discrimination of a divine gaze, all actions have become equal.
This sickness of thought grows not through an ever-increasing compassion or "humanity" as the herd believes, this is only a comforting justification to keep them moving forward with their "progress". The true expansion of this sickness is an ever-expanding definition of necessity. The herd takes action to fulfill their needs, and as each "need" is fulfilled each former want is traded for "need", for who can blame one if the action is NECESSARY?!
Surely the foundation for this phenomenon lies below a prejudice for life, for if this was the…


Like Achilles I am weak
My heart is my heel Paralyzed by Beauty On my foundations, I reel
In the darkest of darks I slay monsters with ease But when caught in Beauty's radiance Unable to act; I freeze
From afar I gaze On Beauty, sublime  Whilst beside me to speak, A mountainous climb
Alone in my frustration Ashamed of my inaction Assaulted by imagination Awry logic, emotion, attraction
Forever the curse of man Resisting Beauty is a futile goal
Overcome agony, pain, and regret
For a primal desire conquers my soul

While away I possess the most boisterous spirit Fleeting is this nature in the moment of importance.
Logic says I know not but sight and smell While emotion supplants an impossible insight.
When I war with ideas I have seldom a challenge. When I war with desire I am seldom a challenge.
Amor fati, for Beauty I cast aside Amor vincit omnia, my creed til desire is realized
-The Involuntary Hermit

I Think Most Deeply When I Travel

I think most deeply when I travel.

The deeper I slip the greater my sight of the road upon which I travel is abandonded.

Continuing without question as to where this road may lead. I arrive somewhere often unintended.

I do not know whether I am being pulled to where I am going or pushed away from where I have been.

When I awaken from my thoughts I often must will a new course, not a course that backtracks but a course that pivots.

Music is the great multiplier for traveling: pinning, freeing, a compass, a blindfold. With music I become buoyant so that no wave or monster in this ocean can sink me forever. Without music my thoughts would surely have taken me somewhere irrevocable.\

-The Involuntary Hermit

A Case For Cryptic Writing

"Whoever knows he is deep, strives for clarity; whoever would like to appear deep to the crowd, strives for obscurity. For the crowd considers anything deep if only it cannot see to the bottom: the crowd is so timid and afraid of going into the water." -Nietzsche I often write in symbolism and aphorisms. This style is partially derived from a joy in unraveling the symbolism in other's writings (emulation) and the beauty which naturally accompanies symbolism. Aphorisms are easier to complete in a beautiful manner, for they too are accompanied by a natural beauty. Aphorisms are also very efficient. 
Being as fickle as I am I often find myself frequently betraying current beliefs and losing/gaining a desire to write at near random. When writing in aphorisms one can return at a later date and expand upon or explain those ideas which have remained constant.
There is a subtle but important difference between the obscure and the cryptic. The former, regardless of past experien…

Lament For Humanity

I know no drug more addictive or plague more virulent than morality, but who can slay such a monstrosity? I can think of many tales with great heroes or warriors who overcame seemingly insurmountable odds to defeat magnificent beasts of the flesh. I ask you now though: where are the stories of great heroes who defeated the dark and innumerable ideas rooted in the minds of men? To merely conquer the minds of others is not to slay the idea, but to enslave the mind in a new idea.

Out of nearly every great revolution of thought so too has the perpetuation of morality remained. The old god(s) are thrust out and replaced by something new. When will a hero rise up and free the minds of all of mankind?

To be free among slaves is the greatest slavery I have ever known! How can a bird survive an endless ocean with no land for rest? In other words, how can one live amorally among the moral?

I once was moral and moralized. I then thought to war with the virtue of those who moralize would be suffi…

Let Me Be Like Time

Let Me Be Like Time

Let me be like time, unwavering,
for I too often crumble at the gentlest breath.

Let me dilute hatred and bring forth joy anew,
for I too often spark rancor and erode smiling faces of stone.

Let me meditate upon a circle so perfectly balanced,
for I too often draw lines in the sand.

Let me bellow erratic cacophony whilst my ears are kissed by sweet songs from my father,
for I too often repeat myself, boring the present hour.

Let me flow relentlessly among boundless waters,
for I too often grasp at fleeting ideals.

Let me ruminate on the order of all things with a meticulous recollection,
for I too often lose sight of history and waste away my birthright.

Let me freely draft my destiny,
for I too often am hindered by the plans of others.

Let me be a serene dissonance,
for I too often tremble upon my foundations.

Let me be like time.

- The Involuntary Hermit

Once I Was Vanquish

Once I Was Vanquish

Once I was vanquish: destructive, thorough, and fair
My teeth were sharp and my hide was thick
No creature could withstand such a force unbent.

A dazzle of zebra roaming the plains, inside so rigid and square
I feast upon you epigones and apes, keep up with the herd, quick!
Terrified to think anew, too coward to dissent.

Sheath my sword, entomb my armor, sprout wings and fly away
I soar alone among the clouds, with eyes of an eagle I gaze
While those people I left below say "look, how small he is from afar!"

I now reside so far away that none can feel my warmth
Those who dare to venture close lack the skin to leave unscathed
I have become a magnificent, distant star.

Raze your statues to the ground, put ink beneath your skin
Brandish your stripes and administer virtue, defend your ersatz society
Come together and democratize, determine the mortal sins
The pathway to utopia awaits, just renounce your true variety

Man is no concern to us Titans for they wil…

Freedom & Reflection

What is freedom?  How far must freedom go? How far can freedom go?

What is freedom?
What is freedom? Is there any such thing as freedom? Is sensing freedom? Is being freedom? Is thinking freedom? Is existing freedom? Is willing myself freedom? Is creating value freedom? Is being noble freedom? Is being supramoral freedom? Is discharging my will on others freedom?

What is freedom? Is freedom a fact or opinion? Is freedom a concept? Is freedom an idea? I say it here, freedom is a belief!

How far must freedom go?
Are we free? What a poor question... Why must we be free?! Much better. These preachers of "law" try to convince others that we are nothing but cinemagoers, observing the results of a chaotic world. Fools, even more so than the followers of Silenus! If the big bang and its "laws" of physics (or the state and its "laws") regulate all things then consciousness is the cruelest gift of all (and if it is cruel is it still a gift?). To have no control is to…

A Thought On Suicide & Bullying

"This world in itself is not reasonable, that is all that can be said. But what is absurd is the confrontation of this irrational and the wild longing for clarity whose call echoes in the human heart." -Albert Camus

Oh how I long for clarity. The clarity of articulation of my virtue. This unreasonable world stares at me with a blank gaze as I scramble, searching so that I may be understood.
With pomp the herd cries out and moralizes. "We must stop bullying!" 
I do not point out the foolishness of the life-negating for they hate truth, but at least they are consistent... I laugh to myself as the hedonists, confined to their emotion, condemn the spread of suffering while chasing their pleasures, but in the face of the absurd are these not the same thing? I toy with, but resist the familiar allure of utilitarianism which sucks me towards it with subjective assessments, always weighing what is "right" and "wrong". I say to those who moralize and so &qu…

Boredom pt. 2

As it always does, time stole the potency of the distractions of life from the wise man, but he did not pity himself. Instead, he pondered a single question. A question he could not answer truthfully.

Day in and day out the man was haunted by the unresolvable question. A question all have asked, but that no one can answer.
What should I do with my existence if there is no purpose to existence?

The deamon chuckled for he knew that the wise man would never be bored again!

-The Involuntary Hermit

Swim Slowly

Swim Slowly

It’s surface is vast and it’s depths are deep.
The ocean of knowledge you try to reap.

All 'round the world gluttony reigns,
People pursue knowledge with nothing to gain.

The large must move slow and the paltry are quick.
You wish for it all and for that, you’ll be sick!

"Humongous, colossal, gargantuan I want to be!"
For this change to come about you must question like me--

If growing in size is truly your desire
Connect the surface, you must fly higher!

Learn to be patient as you grow.
Put simply, questions never come to a close.

What's beneath the water?
You have no control
'Oer the things that you'll find
Deep down below!

So vast and deep, it dwarfs the soul
Who dares to try and swallow it whole?

One warning I give, you mustn't forget
Swimming is risky, it might leave you wet!

-The Involuntary Hermit


In the mountains the shortest way is from peak to peak, but for that route one must have long legs. -Thus Spoke Zarathustra "He is arrogant!" --- Why? --- "I am insecure" --- Did anyone ever answer so?The arrogant prescribe arrogance."Be humble my child" says the parent. The wise child responds "ahh, you wish for me to do as you say, not as you do."Oh how we love facts, that is until they betray us!He who prescribes virtue is often the one most offended by those who prescribe virtue---I can only be friends with those who can bear a similar qualitative and quantitative weight of truth as myself."You are arguing semantics" --- What are bricks without mortar?We speak about love as if it is something preferable. Only out of cruelty do we desire to love.The love of yesterday was once the love of today. What decrepit love to be will tomorrow bring?Time has taken everything from me and given everything to me.Love and suffering, two sides of th…

On On Passing By

I was born in the swamp, raised in the swamp, reborn in the swamp...

My life has been spent toiling away that I might erect trees around me, never asking myself "what use is a forest to toads?"
I love many toads. I can climb and navigate these sickly trees of the swamp I call home. Could it be that I fear to leave the swamp? Perhaps it is that I fear the new trees, that I may not be the climber I think myself to be.
Like the painted soldier I too am painted. Incomplete. Painted on the line between swamp and forest. The creature that resides upon the line is hazy and unfinished... A climber or a hopper I cannot tell 
Will this work be completed?

-The Involuntary Hermit

Boredom pt.1

"Life swings like a pendulum backward and forward between pain and boredom." - Schopenhauer 
A daemon came to a wise man one night. "One wish I shall grant you"---
The wise man thought to himself: "Shall I wish for the absence of pain in my life? Then I shall only have pleasure, but pure pleasure leads to my boredom... I am a wise man, I know the orienting importance of pain."
"Genie, I need time to decide my wish."
Many years passed as the wise man pondered what his wish would be. 
"I have decided daemon." proclaimed the man. "I shall wish for no boredom!" 
Ha! A wise man who forgot the adage "Be Careful What You Wish For"

-The Involuntary Hermit

Introduction & A Small Thought

Many philosophical and ethical thoughts have led me to create this blog. A place where I can store and organize all the things in my head. Someday I may talk more about this origin.
An interesting conversation with a friend who recently learned of the trolley dilemma: There is a runaway trolley barreling down the railway tracks. Ahead, on the tracks, there are five people tied up and unable to move. The trolley is headed straight for them. You are standing some distance off in the train yard, next to a lever. If you pull this lever, the trolley will switch to a different set of tracks. However, you notice that there is one person tied up on the side track. You have two options: Do nothing, and the trolley kills the five people on the main track.Pull the lever, diverting the trolley onto the side track where it will kill one person.He asked me what is the most ethical choice?

I thought and later replied "let me reformulate the problem":
Do nothing, and the trolley kills ONE per…